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2002 Focus Group Results

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Dr. Wen-fei Uva
Dr. Wen-fei Uva
In March 2002, Dr. Wen-fei Uva, Department of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University, conducted a focus group study of beach plum products. Key conclusions include:
  • Market expansion potential exists for beach plum products among gourmet consumers in coastal metropolitan areas.
  • Packaging with price is the primary marketing tool to communicate that beach plum products are gourmet, giftable and otherwise special.
  • Gourmet jams and jellies are purchased from various independent stores or farm markets and not from supermarkets.
  • Jams or jellies made with cultivated beach plums will not impede consumers' interests in trying the product.
  • Consumers' interests in beach plum presented market opportunities for new product development.
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Beach plum products used at the focus group session.
Beach plum products used at the focus group session.