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Beach Plums: Hard to Tame, but Growers Don't Give Up - New York Times, Sept. 3, 2003. [Must register at site to view article. Free within 30 days of publishing. Archived text at SARE website]

Project featured in SARE national report - 'Heritage Plant Holds Promise for Northeast Growers' is lead project profile in USDA-SARE program's 2003 Annual Report.

Renewed funding, Refined focus [4/21/2003] Project, new consortium to focus on market development, industry growth.

'Beach Plum Comfort' Ice Cream Debuts. First test run rolls out of the Cornell Dairy production line March 19, 2003.

Cooperators Wanted! At-cost plants available for cooperating growers, researchers.

Ripe for Development. [2.4 MB .pdf file] Touts beach plums as a regional nich crop in the September 2002 edition of Farming: The Journal of Northeast Agriculture.

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Clark, R., R. Uva, and D. Simser. 1999. The beach plum: a history and grower's guide. University of Massachusetts, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. Barnstable, Mass. Online version.

Conference proceedings:

Richard H. Uva, Thomas H. Whitlow, Marvin P. Pritts, Yield component analysis of beach plum, (Prunus maritima Marshall) a new fruit crop, ASHS, Sacramento Calif., July 2001.

Uva, R.H., T.H. Whitlow, and W.F. Clark. 2000. Development of cultural methods for beach plum (Prunus maritima Marsh.) fruit production. HortScience, 35(3): 500.

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Uva, R.H., and T.H. Whitlow. 1997. Advances in commercial beach plum production. Proc. New England Vegetable and Berry Conference.

Selected articles featuring our project:

Mackin, Jeanne. 2000. Scientists help plants make a showy comeback. Cornell Focus, v.9, no. 2, p. 18-23.

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