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2002 Field Day Report
Coonamessett Farm, East Falmouth, Mass.
Home page If you weren't able to join the 25 growers, researchers and other beach plum enthusiasts at our September field day at Coonamessett Farm in Falmouth, Mass., you can still follow the links below to view the handouts.

Field day summary (below).

Photo Gallery

Introduction - Thomas Whitlow, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University and William Clark, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. 2003 Preproposal to USDA-SARE program, approved for full-proposal.

Fruit Quality Improvement - Richard Uva, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University reports on fruit variation study results and plans for selection and evaluation. Summer 2002 SARE Beach Plum Project Update, including 2001 harvest info and pulp content, fruit width variation, soluble solids, acidity, pH, phenols, and antioxidant capacity graphs.

Consumer Focus Group Results - Wen-fei Uva, Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University. Exploring Market Opportunities for Beach Plum Products, focus group summary report.

Product Samples - Preserves from Chatham Jam and Jellies and the New York State Food Ventures Center, and wines from Steven Richards, Hector, New York and The Cape Cod Winery.

Progress Reports from Growers

Field Tour - Pest management with David Simser, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension: Proposed Beach Plum Pest and Management Plan. Culture and yield with Richard Uva, Cornell University: Coonamessett Farm beach plum culture experiment results.

Presented by: Cornell University, Umass Extension, Coonamessett Farm Sponsored by: A grant from the Northeast Region Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SARE)

Field Day Summary:

Twenty-five people attended the beach plum field day at our demonstration site at Coonamessett Farm in Falmouth, MA, including farmers, wine makers, food processors, NY and MA extension educators, NRCS staff, as well as Douglas Gillespie, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture.

Tom Whitlow, and Bill Clark of Cape Cod Cooperative Extension lead the meeting which included topics on: Fruit Quality Improvement-Richard Uva, Consumer Focus Group Results-Wen-fei Uva, Applied Economics and Management, CU, Product Samples-Steve Richards, Farm Link, CU, Progress Reports from Growers and a Field Tour focusing on culture, yield, and pest management-David Simser Cape Cod Cooperative Extension.

The proceedings of the Field Day are posted on the web site ( with photographs of the event. In addition to project updates, participants tasted and rated samples of jam, jelly and wine.

A second field day will be held on September 19 as part of the Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Centers Anniversary Celebration in Riverhead, NY. If you are planning to attend the celebration, stop by our booth!