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Home page How to grow beach plums - Beach plum management information developed by Richard Uva, Cornell University, with information provided by David Simser, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension.

Disease management - What you can do about brown rot and phytopthera root and crown Rot

Photo gallery - See biology, culture and pests.

Beach plum history and growers guide - by Cape Cod Cooperative Extension.

Herbicide tolerance of beach plum (Prunus maritima) for commercial cultivation - A. F. Senesac, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Riverhead, N.Y.

Coonamessett Farm Beach plum culture experiment results - from 2002 Field Day.

2003 Season in Review - Rick Uva, Cornell Horticulture, from 2004 Beach Plum Meeting.

Grower Panel Discussion, "Production Year in Review" - Webpage (.html) | PowerPoint (.ppt) From 2004 Beach Plum Meeting.

Beach plum nurseries and seed sources.